The Crew


Andy Kutruff - CEO and Architect

After graduating from Purdue University, Andy started his own audio processing company and has been a software engineer and architect for 15 years. He spent several years at Microsoft working on bringing the GPU into core operating system services, before moving on to some of the top firms of Wall St as an architect for low latency trading systems. These experiences sit at the core of Reentry’s unique tech platform.


Heather Adams - Animation & Visual Effects Lead

As a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design with a BFA in Computer Animation, one of the best schools for Computer Art in the world, Heather has been with Reentry since the beginning. She holds the production of all animation and visual effects to the highest standards to the delight of gamers.


Filipe Machado - Modeling & Lighting Lead

Also a graduate from the Ringling College of Art and Design with a BFA in Computer Animation. Filipe brings dedication to ensure that the quality of character and environment models, lighting, and UI elements dazzle.


Julian Noble - Artist

Julian had a childhood and graduated from high school. After that, he studied Computer Science: Game Design at the University of California. Now he makes art and does some game design for Reentry Games. His art is objectively good, and his coworkers agree.


Misha Domrachev - Developer

Misha has enjoyed playing video games since he was little and started learning programming to make them. After learning Computer Science at the University of Rochester, Misha entered the game industry and he is currently an engineer and designer at Reentry Games. 


Jodi Kutruff - Kraken

Jodi is our very own in-house Kraken. Her job description consists of running under desks, eating nerf gun darts, and general cuteness.